1. Identification and activity of the company
    The owner and company in charge of the domain is Sigla Comunicación, S. L… This company is registered in the Registro Mercantil of the city of Barcelona: V. 28.859, F. 0031, F. B -142.485 and its N.I.F. (Fiscal Identification Number) is B-61013579.

The Sigla Comunicación, S.L. contact details are: phone (+34) 932 809 160 – Mail:

  1. Description of
    The main service that is offered in the domain is information about the products and activities of the Sigla Comunicación company.
  2. Terms and conditions of the services
    The services provided by Sigla Comunicación through are free of charge and freely revocable, without this affecting the rest of general conditions.

Sigla Comunicación, S.L.assumes no responsibility for any misuse of the contents of the website and reserves its right to update, restrict of delete them temporarily or indefinitely at any time.

  1. Rights and obligations of the users
    The user obliges himself/herself, and is the sole responsible in this respect, to use the services offered by Sigla Comunicación, S.L. in accordance with laws, the general conditions herein and any update of these conditions, following the norms of good faith, moral and public order generally accepted.

The user will have no right whatsoever to be indemnified in any way (directly or indirectly) for temporary or complete interruptions of the services offered, regardless of them being due to company or alien causes.

  1. Intellectual property
    All contents in, texts, source code, graphic design, animations and images, as well as trademarks, commercial names and other denominations are subject to the intellectual and industrial property rights of Sigla Comunicación, S.L. or of third parties and are protected by law.

Under no circumstance, does the access to the services of Sigla Comunicación, S.L. imply the renounce, transmission, transfer or partial or total license of such contents to third parties, nor does it grant any right of use, translation, modification, adaptation, exploiting, copy, distribution or public communication of them without the previous and explicit authorisation by Sigla Comunicación, S.L. or of a third owner of the affected rights. In no case is the total or partial reproduction of the data and contents to which access is granted in authorised (and it will be prosecuted). Their use against present legislation of industrial and intellectual property is neither authorised.

  1. Links
    Sigla Comunicación, S.L. does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the information contained in web pages of third parties that include a link to Sigla Comunicación, S.L. does not assume either the responsibility for the content of the web pages that are visited through the links included in The links in that point to third parties’ web pages are included just for the sake of information and in no case imply any kind of recommendation on such pages.

Any user that wishes to include in his/her web page a link to the domain or to any of its pages, will have to previously notify it to Sigla Comunicación, S.L.

The inclusion of contents or providing services in thir parties’ web sites that could mean a damage to the Sigla Comunicación, S.L. image are strictly prohibited.

Sigla Comunicación, S.L. reserves its unilateral right to prohibite, limit or require the cancellation of links that point to the domain, whenever the compnay deems it convenient, through simple communication to the owner of the web page. This right will in no case entitle the third party to any kind of compensation.

  1. Modifications
    Sigla Comunicación, S.L. can modify or update these General Conditions, that will be published in, with no need whatsoever of any other kind of additional notification to the users of the web page.
  2. Legislation and applicable jurisdiction
    Sigla Comunicación, S.L. and the user, expressly waiving any other statute or jurisdiction which could apply, submit to the Spanish common regulations and to the jurisdiction of Courts and Courts of Law of the city of Barcelona (Spain), unless the applicable legislation should imperatively determine a different statute or legislation.
  3. User consent
    The user declares having read the General Conditions herewith, accepts and authorises, fully and explicitly, all what is laid down in each one of them each time he/she enters or uses its services. 


Sigla Comunicación, S.L. ensures full compliance Protection of Personal Data, and so, in accordance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of Protection of Personal Data (hereinafter LOPD) reports on its privacy policy personal data in order users to explicitly choose, freely and voluntarily, if they wish to provide Sigla Comunicación, S L personal data that are requested on the website, to make any inquiry by sending request for information forms. Unless specifically stated otherwise, it is considered necessary to complete all the required information on forms that are listed as required fields. The user must complete the forms with true, accurate, complete and current, responding to the damages that might arise due to the completion of forms with false, incomplete or outdated.

Thus, the user is informed and consents to the inclusion of their data to the automated files existing in the Company and the processing of them, including those to which the Company has access as a result of surfing this website for the purpose of sending commercial communications, in order to tailor our offers to your particular profile and to make, where appropriate, valuation models, guaranteeing the right to know the criteria and programs used. The recipients of this data will be the communication trade Sigla Comunicación, S.L..

Sigla Comunicación, S.L. has adopted the security levels for protection of personal data required by current legislation on data protection, installing the necessary technical and organizational measures to prevent the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and other potential risks. At the same time is committed to fulfilling its obligation of confidentiality of personal data and its duty to protect them and take all necessary measures to prevent alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, taking into consideration the current state of the technology. Furthermore, this duty of confidentiality is mandatory for all third parties who, under a service contract data processor, have access to personal data and information systems equipment for Sigla Comunicación, S.L.

In relation to data posted by the user, it may be exercised at any time the right of access, rectification, cancellation and, where appropriate, opposition accordance with the LOPD and other applicable regulations, by sending an email to, always stating the identity of the user.



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